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  Mea Culpa

Okay: there isn't a whole lot of mystery as to why you are here. And it probably isn't to read about the Graphics Section's rocky transition to Macintosh System 7, either (although that was somewhat amusing — if only in retrospect). Nor even about being in inner-city Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots.

While a couple of you may have followed a link from the Diana Wynne Jones site and are here for the Fire & Hemlock essay, and perhaps another one or two of you may have heard about the Beauty X 3 essay and decided to check it out, we all know that most of you are here for the Potterverse collections.

Yes, collections, plural. I finally had to split it into mostly canon-compliant, and obviously not canon-compliant groups. The non-compliant collection is still online because… well, as a theorist, the journey turned out to be a lot more of a reward than the destination. Indeed, as it turned out, it was way more of a reward, and I am still rather pleased with the sort of possibilities that one could come up with before J. K. Rowling closed all future speculation down.

The ‘Concerning the Potterverse’ collection is composed of articles which are still mostly compliant with the series as it stood at the end of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’. Anything which is not, is clearly designated as extrapolation, or missed opportunity.

‘The Potterverse UNhallowed’ collection contains those articles in which, although there may be some references to how the series ended up, the theories therein depicted are all based upon some point of reasoning which had been pretty thoroughly hosed by the end of the series. Several of these are of historical interest. A couple of them are my better-known theories. And some are my own favorites. Most of the Snape essays are here.

Both collections finally went dormant about a year and a half after Rowling closed the canon, and there have been only two new essays added to either group since then (and one moved from one collection to the other). There has been some periodic editing of the existing material, although nothing comprehensive. The days when I went through the whole series of essays and updated them on a six months schedule are well and truly past.

There may be some additional editing if something occurs to me that it seems worthwhile to add. Any significant additions will be noted on the Updates page. But do not ever expect to see these collections brought into compliance with anything that Rowling has said since the release of Deathly Hallows. She more than demonstrated that she cannot stick to the same story for more than two days running in the aftermath of that release, and I cannot see indulging that level of capriciousness any further by attempting to keep in step.

And that goes double for her transparent attempts to rewrite the characters’ backstories on Pottermore.

This collection was developed during the period that the series was all still open canon, and fully eligible for theorizing.

Besides, the interpretations and theories in this collection are mine, and I am not J. K. Rowling.

If you decide to explore a bit further, the other collections which can be accessed from this page are:

All Things Relative

Contrary to expectations, I did not hatch from an egg. As with the Potterverse collections, this link will take you down another level and, as with the Publications collection, it has a disclaimer to be read first.

This collection is subtitled: ‘Dumb Stories about Ordinary People’ and probably 4 out of every 7 readers could duplicate them. But 4 out of every 7 readers haven't taken the trouble to write their versions out and post them, and I have.

As might be expected from mostly true incidents, some are rather amusing. Some are cringe-worthy.

This collection also contains the links to Uncle Fred's Scrapbooks, a family album, and my account of 40 years in Silly Service.

Urban Living

At present all of these are reprints, which may change if I ever find my way out of the land of As Soon As. Articles, reports, opinions, rants. Whatever happened to set me off. Observations of a life in our times.


What it says. Things that are not articles, reports or essays. All ranging from oldish to downright historical.

At Tome

I read, y'know? Quite a bit, too. Have done for yonks. And I've got this eccentric tendency to hang out with other readers — who are every bit as bad as druggies about sharing the experience. We get to talking. And even, (in some opinions, worse) thinking. Mostly about what we've read in common.

Imagine that.