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Regarding Graphics Files:

There didn't used to be a great deal that needed to be said about the files in this collection. They were all just JPEGs with no special arcane additions, so just about any browser should have been able to display them without much trouble — admittedly, a few were rather large, and would take a while to load.


Eventually a project came along which had to be posted in .pdf. So, yes, you will need the Acrobat Reader or Apple’s Preview for some of the things on this page, too. I'm sorry, but there just wasn’t a better format in which to package that particular project. More recently, a couple of projects have been uploaded as QuickTime .mov files. You will have to download these to play them, and you will need the QuickTime player, or any other video player which can handle .mov files.

The new layout (built in a new application, using new versions of HTML and CSS codes) is a bit of an experiment. It may go through a few reorgs before I get to one that works. But, as with the earlier versions of the site, some pages have more than one image on them, and I may not ever be able to build a working gallery. But we’ll see.

And once again, we have subcategories. These are:

Student Work

The earliest of the student work posed here was produced between the Autumn of 1999 and the spring of 2000, for Photography 46 and Photography 49, as offered at Los Angeles City College. These were Photoshop classes. I haven’t checked to see whether these classes are still offered at City, but they probably are.

They were one of the better investments that I ever made. At that time, we were working in Photoshop 5.0. These were class assignments, so there is no clip art used in these examples, although towards the end of the 2nd semester some scanning was required in the assignments.

Since retirement in 2010, however, I have been taking more classes. I try to post at least something from each of those. There has been a world of development between Photoshop 5.0 and CS6 (and beyond). I also took the Art Department’s Photoshop class at City and picked a few more techniques. The previous semester I had finally buckled down and taken a class in Adobe Illustrator. About time, too. My poor old copy of FreeHand 10 wouldn’t survive another system upgrade. I have also taken some classes at Santa Monica College.

Ah, Fandom

The Fandom stuff is still mostly Harry Potter related, but there are at least a couple of other unrelated files, and there may be more, eventually. A number of the things here are variously modified clip art but I did put at least some work into all of them.

Yes, the House T-Shirts are intended to be downloaded and printed on heat-release stock and used as iron-on transfers. Go ahead and copy them to your hard drive if you've a mind to. A couple of the other designs are offered for general use/adaptation as well.


This is rather a mixed bag. Some of these are former covers of the APA (Amateur Publishing Association) to which I belong, and which is mentioned in various places around the site in various contexts. There are also a couple of private commissions, something that I did for the Department back when I was working, and a few other oddments.

There is a bit of stock photography used in some of these, but not a lot. More recently I have been posting examples of my 3D work, which is a medium that I have been grappling with for some years, as of this writing. You can probably expect more of such to be posted in the future.