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The Potterverse Essays

Trying to make the Potterverse make sense since 2003!

What this Batch of Buttons Mean:

The “Foundation” Essays: Theories need a base to reason from. Unfortunately, J. K. Rowling didn’t really provide one. This is an attempt to draft some workable paradigms for Magic in the Potterverse. This set of assumptions underpin the rest of the articles on this website.

Oh Wide, Wide (Wizarding) World: Topics pretaining to general subjects related to the Wizarding World, as it is portrayed throughout the series. Which is to say, modern-day Wizarding Britain. Addressing how things appear to be done there. Touches uopn various social issues and the Art of Wandmaking.

O! The Times are Out of Joint!: An attempt to construct a timeline for the Wizarding World leading up to the opening of the series of Harry Potter. Which, in effect, boils down to events of the British Wizarding World over the course of the lifetime of Albus Dumbledore.

Harry Potter & The Dark Lord: Matters specific to Harry Potter and the former Tom Marvolo Riddle. Examines some problems with Prophecies, and more extrapolations about Horcruxes than you ever wanted to have to deal with.

Missed Oportunities: Matters where I truely believe that with only a slightly different handling (and perhaps a stronger grasp on the concept of numbers) we would have had something that played out rather better than what we got in canon.

With 20/20 Hindsight: A second, closer look at some of the things we thought we knew.

Potter People: This link will take you to the opener page of the people of the Potterverse collection, related to character studies.

The Briar Patch: Wherein breed plot bunnies. Anything posted here reads more like fiction than theory. But still not altogether flights of fancy.

The 7th Son Collection: Theories which were all shot down/abandoned before the series was complete. Feel free to point and laugh

Endgame: Considerations made after the release of HBP, while looking forward to the final book.

Scorecard: Considerations and criticism of the series as a whole, after the release of ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

Note: A lot of these pieces are very long. Over a period of five years, while the canon was still open, the whole collection was gone through and updated semi-annually. During this period, I didn’t always delete an older theory just because I’d worked out a new one. Consequently, several of these articles are a historical overview of theories as they developed over a span of several years.

In addition, I don’t know just where anyone is likely to be starting out with this collection, due to the possibility of their accessing it from external links, so, for clarity, there’s a a fair amount of duplication as well.