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The Past is Another Country:

They do things differently there…

A point which regularly comes up in the resulting flap whenever some whiney parents’ group kicks up a protest over their local school district including Mark Twain's ‘Huckleberry Finn’, complete with the N-word, in the curriculum, is that unless we can convey, and more to the purpose, demonstrate, the unassailable truth that at different periods of history the average person did not think, act, or believe as he does today (whenever today happens to be), the whole point of “education” is already lost.

It should be obvious from my statements here and elsewhere on the site that I agree with this viewpoint.

The majority of these anecdotes are innocuous recollections of the eccentricities of a batch of very ordinary people. Some of them are funny (even if only in retrospect), some are painful, most are rather dull little incidents that just about every family could duplicate. At least to some degree.

A handful of them are not.

These almost certainly WILL offend somebody.

I caution, but I do not apologize.

The incidents happened. And, this is how the people who were involved in them WERE. It serves no useful purpose to ignore unpalatable truths.

Besides, all of the principal actors in these events have been dead for decades and there isn’t much to do about it but to remember the facts.

And, ultimately, to judge them.