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The Potterverse UNhallowed:

The essays accessed from this page are for the most part HBP-compliant. And quite a bit of the material in them did pan out. But all of them contain some fundamental bit of reasoning which went where Rowling did not intend to take us. They reflect the kind of theorizing that was still possible before J.K. Rowling came along and closed the playground.

Mostly, that is. And then, there are some of the other groupings:

Man on a Tightrope

The enigmatic Severus Snape.

I only really missed the mark in 2–3 particulars regarding Severus Snape. Unfortunately, one of these was a rather fundamental particular.

Consequently, I did not rework most of the Snape essays into compliance with DHs. It would have required far too much unpicking and reweaving. And besides, I think my interpretation is more consistent.

A lot more of the reasoning still applies than doesn’t, but these are all basically HBP-compliant.

There are a few notations added in light of DHs, however.

The Parson's Egg Collection

The story goes:

A timid cleric was once invited to make up the numbers at a posh country house party. All went smoothly until the morning that he was served a boiled egg that had gone off. Not wanting to call attention to himself, he tried to eat it anyway.

Eventually his host, noticing him struggling with it, exclaimed; “Good heavens man! Why didn't you say something?”

The cleric, cringing in embarrassment, protested; “Oh, no milord, I assure you, parts of it were excellent!

The Out on a Limb Collection

The essays in this group were all spun from exercises in “extreme” theorizing. Which is rather like extreme sports in that you tend to wipe out fairly spectacularly. For Extreme theorizing, rather than trying to find direct support for a given hypothesis in canon, you try to determine the exact shape of the gap in your knowledge, and attempt to figure out what will fit into it.

The Endgame Collection

This set was originally one (very long) essay. It has been split for convenience. This was the point at which I finally settled down to examine the possibilities and start making projections. These three sections have not been fully rewritten, only periodically updated.

The 7th Son Collection

This collection was also originally one very long essay which has been split into individual subjects. These were all, for the most part, theories which had already been abandoned (at least by me) by the time HBP came out, if not earlier. Although there is one more recent one, thanks to DHs.