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When Bryce Cousland’s young spitfire of a daughter scaled the Tower of Ishal and lit the beacon giving the signal to charge, the Battle of Bloomingtide resulted in a great victory over the darkspawn. For a while.

Bronwyn Cousland, recently and horribly orphaned, and a Grey Warden of one day’s standing, finds herself one of the two last remaining Grey Wardens in Ferelden. Her chief advantage is that before the battle she had managed to retrieve the ancient Grey Warden treaties, calling upon the ancient obligations of support from the Dalish Elves, the Dwarves of Orzammar, and of the Mages of the Circles of Thedas.

Follow the adventure from this point of divergance through uncharted territory.

After all, game dynamics are primrily designed to control the gamer. Novelists only need to control the story.

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One of my favorite authors to work with, was the late Arsinoe de Blassenville. I counted her as a personal friend.

Three of her Harry Potter fanfics are to be found over in the Potterfic collection. But she did not write only Potterfic. Her author page on includes several works based upon the film “The Patriot”, as well as this work, which is based upon Bioware’s popular game, Dragon Age.

I gather that the game has gone through several editions with a growing in-world history, additional adventures, and an expanding cast of characters.

I would not know about that, since I do not play video games. I have a CreativeCloud supscription. Building books is much more fun than games.

Arsinoe, however was introduced to Dragon Age by her daughter, played it, and found herself engaged in fix-it fic. As so often happens, the story grew in the telling and matured into a five volume fantasy series.

Despite my complete lack of familiarity with the source material, I found her version of the adventure to be highly engaging and asked for permission to base a publcations project on the story.

In keeping with something as heavily dependent upon its visuals as a game, once the production was well under way, I made a point of contacting Bioware and getting their permission to use concept art from the game in the project. If you recognize it, it is there by permission.